'I drew a line for you, oh what a thing to do, and it was all yellow.' Shoe Saturday

So it's shoe Saturday. How flammin' fabulous is that? Today I'm thinking about yellow. Yellow makes me feel very summery. Hardly surprising really it is the colour of sun, bumblebees, bananas, lemons, Dorothy's brick road, giraffes, fresh peppers, drippy eggs, New York cabs, sunflowers and Spongebob Squarepants. Yellow is such a happy colour, it evokes smiles, ice lollies dripping down your fingers, sunsets which burst and then crawl under the horizon.

Normally I wouldn't wear much yellow, like orange it can be a hard colour to really pull off, but I do have a rather fabulous pair of little yellow Mary Janes. I maintain to this day the wonderful thing about shoes is your can be as moderate and reserved in your clothing and wear the most outlandishly fabulous pair of shoes and you will always be the height of sophistication. Take for example one of my favourite key vintage dresses, the super spy dress here a dress which has been worn by the amazing Bettie Page, and more recently Immodesty Blaize (who I absolutely adore). It's a dress which is so simple in its tailoring and style that it will always be classic, but with an utterly killer pair of heels, raises the bar to new levels.

With this in mind I woke up the other day very mindful of a blog I'd read by Ari over at Advanced Style where the fabulously stylish Lynn Dell said you should  'Dress for the theatre of your life'  well now, how fabulous is that? So with that in mind I started to look at my clothes not just as the things which covered me, which I wished were smaller but rather as how they expressed me. What sort of person does this outfit represent me as? And you know what I found? 

I've lost my way. 

Being larger than I am now stunted my style. Instead of thinking 'oh this is so me!' I thought 'well at least it fits'. No longer! I'm bringing it back with an absolute vengeance and yellow was the way forward for me....

I went to work the other day and I picked out what I felt best expressed me that day, I mean cripes I'm a theatre academic, if I can't dress for the theatre of my life I'm sorely lacking! So out came my purple tights and my fabulous yellow shoes. Along with my new navy dress and my bow cardigan. I dressed for ME! The 
only problem was that my purple tights are slightly on the big side and so slide down to my ankles a la Nora Batty lol. But that to the side my yellow shoes made me feel so darned sunshiney and happy that I really didn't care. I was wearing colour and having a blast with it. 

Yellow for me felt dramatic and fun, it said 'today I want to feel summery and happy' and that's just what it did. 

I'm telling you guys if I'd had a yellow brick road to skip down I would have. 

So after my yellow escapade I knew these shoes had to be the subject of my 'Shoe Saturday' They aren't expensive couture, they're just from Primark but they always make me happy every time I wear them. Yellow is one of those colours that people wince a little bit if you say an item of clothing you've just bought has its sunshiney tones. But today I feel obliged to create a little tribute to yellow.

Some of the most fun things are yellow 

Melons (don't snigger)


The Yellow Pages

Ok so the yellow pages isn't probably that much fun but I suppose it can be if you really need to find a number at short notice. 

Dressing with all the vim and vigour of a theatrical performance is something I'd like to take to heart. It is such an amazing idea, so shall we all give dressing for the theatre of our lives a go? 

But before I go, more yellow? Ok.

Daffodils and baby ducks are yellow, scrambled egg and lemonade is yellow.... seriously try and get this out of your head... lol

And just to stick a nail in yellow for the day, 


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