In my opinionation, the sun is gonna surely shine

Today has been spent out and about, doing my usual march around with the pug. I don't think she is appreciating the vim and vigour with which I've taken to exercise, although it means her little paws don't stop! She is currently  exhausted at my feet sound asleep.Bless.

Today we did a lot of meandering up and down, exploring streets and small lanes we'd never been down, on our travels we found this beautiful tree

Aren't cherry blossoms amazing? They're my absolute favourite, and of course I have a cherry blossom tattoo, I maintain if I ever get married I'll probably end up with some kind of a cherry blossom theme, they're just so delicate.

I loved this tattoo, I had it done on my 25th birthday and it was my first one. I knew I wanted cherry blossoms but had never really found my voice on the exact style I wanted. So eventually I took a photo and found an amazing artist who translated my photo onto my arm, that simple!

I found these marvellous cherry blossom shoes by Miu Miu the other day and they also have some fabulous sparrow print versions and I want both pairs, oh lordy do I want both pairs! Sigh oh have a look...

Gorgeous Sparrow shoes...aren't they fab

*dreamy sigh*

Aside from that I've been mulling over the idea of a new tattoo, I think it will be on my right foot, I think it will be Alice in Wonderland themed, probably a piece of text. But I think another tattoo is the subject of another blog post. For now lets bask in the lovely cherry blossoms of this AMAZING wedding dress. Wowee!

Tata for now, how about a little bit of a walk down memory lane....

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