Put up your dukes, let's get down to it. Hit me with your best shot.

Tonight I was lucky enough to grab a press pass for the preview screening of Sucker Punch the new Zack Snyder film. I hadn't read anything about it, so it was a real surprise for me. Visually it was a really aesthetically pleasing movie, lots of gorgeous scenery and rather interesting shot direction. A lot of CGI but with graphic novel based films that isn't much of a surprise.

It wasn't bad but lacked a lot of narrative which would have helped the viewer immensely. The girls were stunning, the fight sequences were very entertaining, it just lacked the guide rope to ground it and aid the watcher. Still it was a great night out and it made for a fun date night out with himself. Knowing that we were going to see some very rocking lookin ladies, I figured I should make a little effort...

I popped in my hair extensions to give me much longer hair than my current length, I really wanted to curl it so that was the look I went for. My hair extensions have been with me for ages, they respond really well to styling so it didn't take too long. I popped on my little dress that I've just dyed navy and my navy cardie. Topped off with my super large Wilma Flintstone beads and a white hair rose, we were done! I best post a couple of pictures which I snapped in the ladies. Lol they're very odd because I was trying to be quick in case someone popped in and caught me.That's an embarrassing moment, 'um yeah I was just taking some pictures of myself'. I got out in time though and thankfully avoided any awkwardness.

After the movie we went to a fairly new bar near the cinema called Filthy McNasties. Yup it is really called that. There's lots of mannequin arms hanging from the ceiling and a framed picture of Jessica Fletcher, it's my kind of place.

We had some really tasty Tsingtao beers, it reminded me of being back in Los Angeles when I really developed a taste for beer, I'm not much of a beer girl normally. Weirdly though after my beer tonight it was almost like I was about to walk out into the LA sunshine again. SIGH. Alas I did not, it was Belfast and cold.
In all it was a really fun night, ok Sucker Punch wasn't as good as it could have been, but it was entertaining and it was so lovely to just relax and chill out with a couple of beers and some fun. Plus I really consciously was dressing 'for the theatre of my life' tonight. That's really something!

So for your delectation as it comes out shortly, here's a little trailer for Sucker Punch

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