Raspberry Beret, the kind you find in a second hand store

I've been such a cheapo recently.I really haven't felt much in the mood for spending lots of money on new clothes. I know I know, before you call start clutching your 70s key piece platform cork sandals to you in horror hear me out.

Firstly as many of the people who have read my blog for quite a while know, I've been losing weight slowly and steadily for quite some time now. Currently I'm 46lbs down, I still have a bit more to lose but as you can imagine this has resulted in a few things.
 1. That I've stopped wearing a lot of the clothes I wore when bigger.
 2. That I'm starting to be able to wear clothes which I have long put to the back of my wardrobe because they didn't fit.
3. I've stopped buying things because my size is going down (probably not as quickly as I'd like) but it is going down, and I don't want to spend a lot of money on things in this size which may not fit me shortly.
4. A lot of my favourite pieces are still fitting me, they're very accommodating little 50s wrap dresses so will take a lot of different sizes as they only nip in round the waist.

Goodness I know that's quite a list but that is what is happening with me. Some of my much beloved pieces, wrap dresses, shirts, cardigans are looking a little sadder than they once were. I also have some little dresses I bought on eBay last year which I love the shape of but the colour means I never wear them. One is an unbelievably bright turquoise, and the second is an odd murky red. The fit is beautiful but I just don't like the colour.

I came to the conclusion that it was an utter shame to have them sitting there unworn, and that it was awful to throw out my favourite dresses because they were getting a bit washed out. Maybe if I wasn't so aware at the moment of getting smaller, I would just say go and buy some new ones. But I love my older wrap dresses they are the absolute perfect length, nip in at the waist and give a great d├ęcolletage, they will be prising these out of my cold dead hands! So I decided to dye them.

I've done this before, just using Dylon machine dye, and it really works brilliantly. It gives a really nice strong colour and instantly revitalises pieces of clothing. I've found for new pieces I don't like the colour of a quick black or dark green, even a navy can make a dress which was virtually unwearable due to a colour going with nothing, suddenly a key piece in the wardrobe.

I've dyed them all now. I had bought a cream lace dress from Primark at the weekend and it was a very weddingy cream, the sort of colour that you just couldn't wear everyday. The material though, I wasn't sure would take the dye, but I had hoped. The result though I'm really pleased with.

As you can see it has come out a very nice little blue/grey over all and the floral design has been picked up by the dye so it has come out navy! In all I'm a big fan of the result and will probably wear it now. My other red wrap dress I've also made navy, it is really nice, the stitching has stayed red so it gives a lovely nautical feel to it.

I've now gone and got black dyes for all the black clothes to give them back that lovely new black shade. Very sad I know but it sometimes feels like I've gone and got new clothes because they can suddenly be paired with different things or worn casually. I recently took a little white cardigan I'd bought in a moment of madness where I thought I was not the horrendously messy person I am, and dyed it the raspberry colour of the season, it's totally fabulous. So a little cheapo cardigan which cost about £2 due to no-one wanting a white cardie has turned into a rather expensive looking raspberry on trend piece. Lovely jubbly!

Anyway that's all from me

Well not quite, enjoy....

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