Review- Soap and Glory, Solar Powder

I’ve been neglectful of my reviews bad me, and as we all know my ardent passion for Soap and Glory, my recent splurge in that department needs reviewed, here goes.
Buy it if- you’re fair skinned and want a nice light compact which looks great
Don’t buy it if- you want a sturdy compact which you can refill when it runs out, or you have darker toned skin.
Price -Approx £12
make upI bought Solar Power and for those who havent tried it or don’t know its a bronzer compact. Its a duo toned bronzer which has a mirror and brush included. I wear this over my foundation or moisturiser if I’m not wearing foundation.
I’ve found that the lighter colour brushed over the face creates a really nice light bronze with the darker colour used to accentuate cheek and brow bones and if you want to be extra sneaky and fabulous use it just below your collar bone to accentuate it and make yourself look instantly skinnier…(bones showing skinny innit)….. anyway the review.
The packaging although extremely cute is paper/cardboard, so a little flimsy. Now I know it probably biodegrades beautifully but I get a bit worried about getting it wet in case it goes very gooey. It also means there isnt the option to just buy a new refill for the bronzer.
The little compact though gives you a lot of bang for your buck. You have 2 compartments one above one below, the one above houses the mirror and bronzer, the one below the little brush which is shaped rather nicely for cheek, brow and collar highlighting. The colours are good, not too dark for my skin tone anyway, (im naturally perturbingly deathly white pale. ) So the lighter gold all over as a powder works really nicely. Some of the other bronzers I have have been just far too dark for me. I think if you naturally have a darker skin tone you could use the gold lighter colour to accentuate your brows and it would work very well.

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