Soap and Glory-Glow Getter Review

spray tanBuy it if-You want instant non permanent, spray on wash off tan and are able to use it sparingly
Dont buy it if -You want a dark all over colour or want to wear it all the time
Approx -£10
I spotted glow getter in the soap and glory stand and got very excited. Its a spray on wash off powder tan. I dont wear fake tan very often and I don’t like normal sun tanning because I’m obnoxiously preachy about its effects on the skin so I’ve used bronzers mainly and splurged out on the fakery only for those occasions where milk bottle legs just wont do.
So Glow Getter does it work? Well the first time I used it I looked like an oompa loompa its very very orange when sprayed directly. Having learnt the tactic now, the best thing to do is hold it roughly half a meter away and spray lightly giving you a more sunkissed look rather than oompa loompa.
To be honest if I hadnt already bought it I wouldn’t be using it. And probably wouldn’t buy it again. Although its really handy I think there are other powder tan sprays out there which aren’t as bright orange as this one. But if you are going to use it use it lightly and sparingly and it will look lovely and natural. On the plus side it stays put really well until you shower which is a fine attribute.
In summary not bad, bit orange, use it if you wish to create a more WAG look or if you have a very light trigger finger.

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