marevlipsBuy it if- You want to make your lips look uber sexy and plump.
Don’t buy it if- You want it to stay put, it really doesn’t. It seems to stay on for about ten minutes. Or if you already have beautiful massive bee stung lips a la Angelina Jolie, because you don’t need it. Instead buy it for your friends because they probably hate you and this will I’m sure help.
So what is it? Another Lip pencil? Well see thats what I thought boys and girls, I bought it and thought well I like lip crayons so I took it home and ooooo so much more than that! You take the pinky red colour side round the outside of your lips like you would with a lip liner. The crayon is very thick so you don’t get that scary over done thin lip line look. Instead the colour both lines and partially fills the lips. Once you are happy with the lovely curvy lips you have lined you take the other end which is a glossy white colour and dab it onto the center of your lips until they’re lovely and glossy.
I was quite surprised but it creates a lovely plumped lip effect. It really is a definite winner. Buy it now. That’s an order.