Today was the day I wandered past the new Boots which had opened down the road. From my streetside view my product-senses were tingling so in I went to discover a sale on Soap and Glory. Well I let out a little shriek, I’m not ashamed to admit it, followed by a little dance. With more than a hint of Gollum about my grabs at the shelf and subsequent protecting of my basket-lest someone pinch the precious I went and bought all of my favourite things and a new one or two.
So what was in my basket? Well Flake Away obviously! Girligo moisturising spray, Soap and Glory Glow Lotion, and finally Some like it hot exfoliator which Im gonna do a quick review of, as it was the first time I’ve used it. So what does it look like?  Well here you go….
Now for the best bit, what does it do? Well it says that it is a thermal scrub essentially that it heats on contact and softens the skin because of it. So big promises there. I had only ever used a thermal face mask previously so this was a first for me. So lets skip forward a couple of hours and Im in the shower ready to go with the thermal scrub. Onto the hand it goes and about 2 seconds later it is hot. Lovely, my hand is enjoying it immensely but I havent got it to my skin yet and by the time I do its not very warm. So a quick rethink and this time it gets put straight on the skin and it is rather pleasant.
It tingles nicely but it loses its heat very quickly. Im not really sure what the point of the heat is mainly because as soon as the heat goes you are just left with a scrub that isn’t as good as their own Flake Away product. Ok so the cynical part of me says it essentially is a way of having another exfoliant in their range but I don’t actually mind.
It smells lovely and does exfoliate well although i’ve already mentioned not as well as Flake Away but the heat factor is quite nice I would imagine in the cold mornings using it in the shower would be rather delicious.
Im keeping it, I don’t know if I would buy it again though I think I may just stick with the Flake Away and let that be it. But it is fun and also if any of you have men that use your shower and secretly use your products they will love this.
So verdict? Its ok, fun and exfoliates for the price its not too bad, it was £7.50 it has been reduced to £5.00 in Boots and you do get 200ml so a reasonable amount. Give it a try its worth it for the craic.