Happy Birthday Mum!

This week it was my mum's birthday! She spent her actual birthday in London where she did lots of touristy things and went to see The Wizard of Oz in the West End but when she got home I wanted to make her some cakes. Now as you all know by now, I'm a big cupcake fan so it HAD to be cupcakes. Plus I got an awesome cupcake stand that I've been dying to use.

So I decided to make pink and white vanilla cake with a Turkish delight buttercream and ribbon frosting. Yum. I used my usual cupcake recipe, added some rosewater essence to the buttercream. I also added a little more icing sugar than usual to my butter cream to make it very like the traditional Turkish delight taste.


 Cakes already on the cake stand

A side view of the stand

Ribbon frosting, I always think it looks very cloud-like

Fluffy Frosting

The best part of course is seeing people tucking in!

Lovely lovely cake yum!

Mum was delighted with her cupcake tower. I of course put a lovely pink birthday candle in the top for her and she got to blow it out and make a wish. I have to say they were really tasty and there are now none left! There was only 12 to start with but still, himself managed to inhale two he ate them so fast lol. 

I'll maybe post a tutorial if anyone wants to learn how to ribbon frost, although it is pretty easy... either way let me know if you want to know how and I'll sort something out.

Thanks for reading 

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