Shoe Saturday, Follow the Yellow Brick Road

It is a quick little shoe Saturday from me today. I have a bit of an obsession with Dorothy's shoes from the Wizard of Oz, they are the Holy Grail of shoes. Before glittery shoes were really prevalent about erm 7 years ago I had decided I was going to make my own. And I did, these little shoes were a little pair or round toe pumps which were pink that I picked up from Dorothy Perkins. I bought some fabric glue, red sequins and off I went.

They're 7 years old so not as perfect as they were but they're so comfortable and I love them.

I made the ribbons myself and attached everything with super glue. It's like Blue Peter for shoes!

And because I'm keeping with my theme, himself bought me these for my birthday. As anyone who knows me is aware, I'm an avid tap dancer and well he only went and got me Wizard of Oz tapshoes!
I love that man.

So much fun to tap in.

That's the shoes for today!

Oh and of course....

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