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Hello lovelies.

Tonight I had the most fun, me and himself went on the Movie Boat as part of the Belfast Film Festival. We climbed aboard to see Mega Piranha starring of course Tiffany (I think we're alone now) AWESOME!

The boat was bring your own booze, sit on the deck or underneath, two large screens were hooked up so people could choose, mainly based on how cold it was. When we arrived they weren't boarding yet, I am always unbelievably early for everything so as me and himself stood around I became aware quite how cold it was so it was over to McHugh's for a couple of drinks. I had a goldschlieger to try and warm me up and a vodka. Then out we went to climb aboard.

Heading into McHughs for a drink


Everyone was really in the spirit clapping and whooping along with the piranhas which were getting larger and larger. Drinks were being shared, cake was being passed around. We went up and down the Lagan, round the shipbuilding areas, seeing all the new buildings being erected and sailing passed MASSIVE ships.

The big Belfast fish

On board and below deck

An odd photo there was lots of blue light

Going under the bridges

Coming back in to port

It is cold but pretty

The Mona

It was honestly so much fun, really lovely experience and hilarious. I think it might be nice to take one of the boat tours when its a little warmer during the day, apparently they do birthdays and receptions. A lovely sunny day with drinks would be fabulous.

Watch this space I may have to do just that.

Tomorrow is another super exciting day. I have work obviously, but then I'm shooting down for an early weigh in at Slimming World, then running into town so I can go out with himself and 2 friends for dinner and then onto a movie called 'Hobo with a Shotgun' where there will be some drinks and some chocolate. Noms!
I may have to do another post....

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