Cocktails with a Hobo with a Shotgun

Tuesday night was another movie night out for me and himself. This time our good friends Gary and Clare came with Huzzah! 
We went for an absolutely HUGE dinner in China Buffet I actually couldn't move after ward and thought they might have to carry me round to the Beanbag Cinema screening. In my bag I had a bottle of Pink Champagne for us to share and of course some plastic wine glasses. Let it not be said I am unorganised. 

Beanbag time

The beanbags were absolutely massive, I'm not even kidding if they'd have fit in my bag I'd have tried to sneak them out. I took a few pictures of the beanbag cinema so you can all have a peep. I'm trying to scavenge one of the film festival t-shirts as they're really cool, I've put himself on the case seeing if he can come up with the goods, gawd help him it isn't an easy task. 

The Design from the Film Festival T-Shirts (cool no?)

A little bit of fizzy for the movie

 The Film Screen
 Himself (iphoning it up as usual)
Trying to look classy on a beanbag is hard...
The Alleyway at the cinema

So what was Hobo with a Shotgun like? It was gory but entertaining. Have you ever wanted to know facts about bears or see someone trying to pull up a manhole cover with their bloodied arm bone stump? Yes? Excellent go see this movie then. It is a bit of a gore fest but I wouldn't call it a hard watch, it has a lot of really funny moments in it which brought loads of whoops and cheers from all who were seated around us. 

After the movie we decided some more drinks were in order, well you know what its like, once you pop and all that. So we headed to The Northern Whig to get some cocktails. I should stress the boys had pints, I don't think Gary and himself appreciate the cocktails. 
Strawberry Daiquiri

As well as the Daiquiri we also had Arkangels and Zombies. I have to say I think the zombies were my favourite.
Lovely Gary and Clare in the Whig

Outside the Whig on a remarkably dry Belfast evening
Remarkably vomit inducing picture of me and himself but hey ho there it is

So that was our night, it was actually really good fun, although himself did point out that he was feeling the after effects of too much chinese food right into the next day (ewww right?) I think we might have to do it again as I've missed copious amounts of cocktails.

Cross your fingers for me on the T-Shirt hunt too!


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