Where have I been?

Hello my lovelies!

Oh its good to be back, I have had a blog shaped hole that's needed filling (fnar). Anyway I'm back, so where have I been? Well I've been very very busy working my little fingers to the bone finishing my Ph.D thesis. I haven't been doing anything particularly exciting due to my voluntary imprisonment in my office to try and get it all done.

But during that time me and himself celebrated our 4 year anniversary. Now he's been an absolute star during my fiendish working. Making me food, proof-reading my ranty writing for typos and general nonsense, and helping me format everything. Its 280 pages long, that's a lot of reading. Our anniversary fell during this time and as I'd not had much time I'd bought him L.A Noire for the 360 but I hadn't had the time to do my usual personal gifts. Bless him though, he'd gone to a lot of trouble. He actually MADE me one of my presents. I'd been looking for a dock to charge my Iphone and Zune at the same time forever. And I'd been coming up with nothing. So he made me one, oh and did I also mention its Hello Frickin Kitty!

Not only will it charge my Iphone and Zune, it'll connect to my laptop and play and stream movies through both onto my tv. Quite something eh? Here are some super pictures!

I should point out this is himself's phone, I don't have a picture of myself as my wallpaper lolz!

He didn't leave it there though, he also went to Little Heart (fabulous Belfast shop) and picked me up something I'd wanted for a very long time.

Yup an owl cushion! Meet Herbert! He is going in my bedroom once its been decorated, we have to keep him far away from Molly as she tends to eat anything that is remotely fluffy or squashy. He's gorgeous though, I love him.

He also got me this! Wowzer no? I hadnt seen it before, he saw cupcakes, tea, tea-cups and birds and instantly thought of me. Isn't it fabulous! I am completely besotted with it, I do love Little Heart bags. I was very proud of himself for picking this all by himself.

After pressies we went out for dinner at Me:Nu where they do the best steak in Belfast, utterly delectable!

The next day was back to work business as usual. Molly of course never makes life easy, here she is on my notes. It is very hard to read them with a pug on top of them.

After all the work, here's the result. Finished, bound and ready to be handed in. I'm tired just looking at it honestly!

So after all this I felt I had to make it up to himself a little bit, even though I knew he didn't mind I felt some cupcakes were in order as a thank you. 

So I went to town a little on the cupcakes.He does deserve them though and he certainly seems to be enjoying them at the moment. 

So that's about it, hopefully I won't be away so long in future. I have missed you all awfully!

Dawniepants xx

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