Recent Decorating, Decals, My Girl and More Alice in Wonderland!

Hello everyone, we've been decorating at home. It has given me an excuse to try out some of my favourite crafts. It has also given me a chance to continue my Alice in Wonderland obsession.

I thought I would pop in some pictures of my decals, the canvases and crafts I made, and the painting, as it has been a while. If anyone wants to learn to do any of the crafts let me know!

My sneaky little pin up that i made from an old canvas and covered it with a vintage magazine picture and decoupaged it on. I love it, it sits atop the non work books. Below I've also included the canvases I made and the tables I re-covered with vintage books.

Our new bedroom colour

Our bedroom decal

My Alice in Wonderland table

The bedroom (nearly) finished

Himself's distressed Don't Look Now table

My Alice in Wonderland illustration canvases

So that's just a sneaky peak at one of the rooms in the house that we've been doing. Normal service will be resumed soon!


seramcdaid said...

It's all looking so fantastic! Can't wait to see the dressing room too, what a cracking team you both make!
Would love to know how to do the canvases? World of possibilities there and I'm hoping it's quite simplistic - if not, eek! For I'm a hopeless craftwoman!
Keep up the great work! xxx

Miss April said...

How do you do the tables and canvas? You are my long lost soul mate, lover of tea and Alice in Wonderland and apparently, the color red! Wow, I'm totally digging this shit!

Dawniepants said...

They are so easy! I basically grabbed a spare copy of Alice, aged it with coffee to get those nice antiquated book effects. Then once they were all dry, sanded down the table top applied a thin layer of pva glue, stuck the writing pages to it until it was covered then used the illustration pages as accent. Let it dry and cover it with a light satin varnish.

Easy Peasy. If you look at the canvases I've made from vintage magazine covers its the same technique!

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