Shatter bang wallop what a crackle! -Friday Review

I've become shatter polish obsessed. Completely and utterly dolally for the crackle.
A chance grab at the till in Sally's saw me purchase OPI black crackle. Now I nearly choked at the price when I saw the receipt. £9 for a nail polish, bloody hell!!
I used it a lot though. When telling twitter about it they told me that Barry m does a crackle polish which is the same yet £6 cheaper! They also pointed out it came in black, White, blue and pink. Well that was a must have then !

So I bought the pink and White and so began my crackle with everything! How do they stack up though? I mean OPI is £9 Barry M £3 its quite the price difference. Is there a quality difference? Well the polish is essentially an effect polish so the effect is key. How the polish executes the effect is what must be judged.

The opi goes on really easily and even if you do two strokes on the same nail (which you aren't meant to) it still crackles really nicely.

The Barry M is a little thicker, the crackle is not quite the intensity of the OPI so the definition isn't quite as sharp. You also can't double paint as easily but it still works pretty well.

So verdict? Well the OPI is better quality wise but it's £6 more expensive so I guess the question has to be do u pay £9 and try and get your money's worth. Or do you pay for a cheaper polish that has more colour options and enjoy it as you could buy 3 for the price of the OPI. The OPI though is larger and you do get a little more for your money.

Ultimately the decision is yours and you do get what you pay for. Had I bought the Barry M first I'd be easily content with it and not bought the OPI but I didn't. So now I'm finding I use the OPI more, moneys worth perhaps.

It's up to you all!

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