When you can't find them, make them. Kiss trainers!

When we were ambling along Hollywood Boulevard last year, I spied a fabulous pair of shoes. Himself is a big big Kiss fan and sitting amongst pairs of other Vans in the shop were a Kiss pair.

We of course went inside immediately and summoned the man to please bring us a pair in himself's size. Alas he returned empty handed there were none.

Since then I've been looking for them throughout the internet, they never seem to have them in his size, and he got very despondent about it. Kiss trainers couldn't be that hard to find could they. Gene Simmons couldn't dislike him that much.

So I decided once and for all to make him his own pair of Kiss trainers. What possessed me I don't know but after trying the idea of stencils, tracing, marking none of them were working, I had to bite the bullet and draw them

Armed with a fabric marker and virgin grey shoe fabric I began. About 6 hours later I finished. Once I ironed the fabric to seal the marker the kiss trainers were complete.

And what do I think?

Well what do you think?

Kiss trainers befores and afters.

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