Birthday Times and a Housewarming Tea Party

This weekend its been my birthday and we have been so busy. We had decided to do a joint birthday housewarming party, have some people round and get some wine on the go. So me and himself have been frantically building shelves and painting in preparation. On my birthday I was baking over 100 cupcakes for the party, eventually when I was done himself told me he'd booked us a table at Molly's Yard it was a lovely chance to actually down tools and enjoy ourselves for a bit.


My very very pink tights and taffeta skirts
Himself calling us a cab

What to have?
Really yummy wine for steak
Puds, which I later swapped with himself for cheesecake
Claudine's cocktail bar. I loved this wallpaper
My cosmo, lil heavy on the lime but it was nice

So after the birthday festivities, Saturday came round and I had to frost all the cupcakes (argh) and get the house into some sort of shape for my guests and the tea party. Cupcakes are amazing but they do require some time and patience to get the frosting right. I had a few flavours I wanted to do and at the same time was aware of the time restraints. In all the frosting took 3 hours. Much longer than a lot of people think it should be but if you work it out is about a couple of minutes per cake. I'm really fussy about frosting often I've redone whole batches because the swirl frosting isn't nice and even and straight. I had to do all my swirl frosting first before I got too tired and did the spread frosting after. But at the end of it all I was fairly happy with the outcome.

Have a looksee!

                                                                 My cupcake tower

Choc floral cupcakes

Choc and sprinkles and turkish delight cupcakes
Claire from French for Cupcake 

                                                                     Me, Gary and Saz


                                 Me and himself, I must have had wine, the facepulling starts with wine

I always forget to take pictures so there aren't very many, and most of the people who were there didnt even feature in them, which is a shame but it at least is a little snippet of the night.

Much love

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