Gorgeous Heart Cupcake Sprinkles

I bought these gorgeous heart sprinkles originally for a wedding I was catering. I needed a LOT. I ended up buying 600g worth from Cakes Cookies and Craft Shop for a rather bargainous price. I used them for the wedding, still had a liberal amount left to make Valentines Day cakes and still had enough left for my recent birthday party. Let me tell you this, they go a long way!

One of the things I noticed about them (apart from how utterly pretty they are) is how dramatic they are on pale frosting. I think when I bought them originally I didn't think the hearts would be as noticeable. All bakers know that sprinkles etc are sometimes only noticeable in mass numbers and can require a large number to make an impact. I can say with these that was not the case. They were really obvious and adorable the second they hit the cake and unlike my initial thought I did not need much to show them off.

Here is a picture of two of the cakes in the stand. Hardly any hearts required but they are so adorable. Perfect for weddings and Valentine's Day and I'm planning on using them at an Alice in Wonderland party later on in the month.

A must for the decoration section in any baker's cupboard!

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