My Favourite Things- Sparkly Cakes, Edible Glitter. Friday Review!

Oh my goodness me what could be better than edible glitter?

I bought some gorgeous holographic glitter from Cakes Cookies and Craft Shop I wanted to make my cakes a little bit more special. What says special more than bright glittery cakes? I bought the white glitter because I thought it would go with more. Mainly because its holographic and creates really beautiful little sparkles. I've used the glitter on every single cupcake order I've made and I just love how it looks. I also think the thing with edible glitter on cupcakes is that it gives the cake a really nice sheen along with a really special look.

The question is what can you use edible glitter on? The way I look at it you can use it on absolutely anything. Ice cream, cookies, cakes, milkshake, oh heck put it on your dinner! It is fabulous stuff. We go through far too much of it in our house I have to say. I've put a little on the cupcakes I've shown. These were the last of the batch I made. Once I'd done the flowers and the frosting I threw glitter at them, so there isn't an awful lot on them, but I think you can see a little sparkle!

I tend to stick to the white holographic glitter because it goes with everything, I buy the big pots and just restock every month or two. I think I may have to expand to gold now that Christmas is coming up though! EXCITING!

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