Too Faced Extreme Lip Injection- Friday Review!

I've used Too Faced for a long, long time. Their lip products are by far my favourite, I've used them for years. Recently when I got given a box of Lip Injection Extreme I was delighted because even though I've always used it I've never done a review, except in a passing post on my 'Desert Island Products'  so now feels like as good a time as any to dedicate a whole review to it.

Lip Injection Extreme is part of the lip collection from Too Faced. It consists of Lip Injection, which comes as a constant wear gloss, providing a bit of plump but also has many colours in its range. Lip Injection Mask, which I got years ago as part of a set of lip products. It's a mask for your lips which you leave on for ten minutes and it moisturises, plumps and nourishes your lips. Then you wipe it off and away you go. I used to use it when I was getting ready for dates as it made your lips really pink and soft. After the mask I'd liberally apply Lip Injection Extreme for full on super pout. I did get a few kisses, so I can't say that it didn't work!

Now Lip Injection Extreme is designed to be used in the morning and at night to plump out the lips, effects apparently can be permanent if you use it for 30 days minimum. I have used them for a long time and I have to say I really think that it does make a difference. Granted I've never had naturally thin lips, but it definitely adds a bit of a pout and you can really feel it working.

I've used other brands on the market, Urban Decay Big Fatty Lip Plumper , Sally Hansen Lip Inflation which I've reviewed here to name but a few. I've always kept using Too Faced because for me its always had the best effect.

 I decided to do a little bit of a before and after with the gloss. So I could see if there was a difference and of course so you dear readers could see if there was one.

The before picture

Ok, ok it isn't the best picture in the world, I was trying to get my lips in the light so they'd show up better, so ignore my nearly cross eyed expression. That's the before shot though. No gloss, no lipstick just bare lips.

The After Photo

Again same cross eyed look (pardon that) but this is me a little later on with the gloss on. It has stopped tingling by this point so has settled into just being a gloss. Is there a difference? I think so they're certainly lots more plumped.

I've also added a close up lip picture to see if that would be a better way of seeing the plumping. Obviously with gloss, the light bounces off it so it is hard to see. I think the close up lip picture shows it best.

Of course the key point to make about this product is it does have a rather fiery tingle. Anyone who is a little bit sensitive probably shouldn't use it.

So what do you all think? Have you used any lip plumping products and what are your favourites? Does the old maxim of 'no pain no gain' ring true? I know for me when it is stinging I know it is working! So anyone going to pop into their local Too Faced counter and try a tester?

Can be bought from:

Too Faced, Debenhams, Boots, Amazon etc.

Price- £18.50


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