Upcoming Blog Giveaway!

I am so excited!

I don't really know what blogger protocol is. I've seen friends do giveaways for hundreds of followers. But I'm very chuffed because I've reached 25+ followers which is also known as enough for me to feasibly do a giveaway YAY! Im always amazed at the 1000's of hits this little blog gets so I know you're all there, I'm hoping you're going to come out of the shadows and enter the giveaway!

Its sad how excited I am, but there we have it. it's giveaway time!  I have some luscious goodies from some amazing sponsors that I am dying to share with you but can't until I get everything finalised *sits on hands out of excitement*. I'll be doing a full post hopefully shortly for you all to see the goodies which are up for grabs and also list the rules and running dates. Participants who want to be entered will be able to follow the blog and comment below the giveaway post. All really straightforward! I wish I could tell you all about it now but soon lovelies soon!

Im so excited! Giveaway time! Check back in for the proper post. *SQUEEE*

I am doing this face right now.

Ok ok enough kitties...

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