Lust List! Nails Inc Magnetic Polish

I'm a bit of a crackle addict. I've done posts comparing my two favourite crackle polishes OPI and Barry M here but now I've spied something new and utterly fabulous!

Hello Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish!

What is it?

Well Nails Inc have come out with a whole new way of creating really professional nail art at home, with their super cool new polish. It comes in three London themed shades, Big Ben, House of Parliament and Trafalgar Square. Each shade is loaded with iron powder which when it is on the nail reacts with the magnet to create a design.

The magnet is contained in the top of the nail polish lid, unlike the LCN magnetic polishes it doesn't require a separate magnet.

Magnetic Polish isn't a new thing per sé, LCN has had magnetic polish in eight shades for the professional market for some time now. With the LCN polishes the magnets are bought in separate designs so the outcome is dependant on the magnet design you buy. With the Nails Inc polish you hold your painted nail under the magnet in the top. The nail rests on the lid's ledge and it creates the art by reacting with the magnet pulling the iron fillings into a design.

Not only is this a really fun exciting concept, (who isn't dying to have a go with the magnet?) but there is also a charitable side to the product. Nails Inc are paying £1 for every product sold to The Prince's Trust Charity. So not only do you get an awesome new product to play with but you also get to feel charitable. YAY!

I think I might have to pop down to Nails Inc in House of Fraser and buy a yummy summer fragrance. I'm absurdly excited about it! Have you used it? Let me know what you think!

Can be bought online from any Nails Inc stockist or in any Nails Inc store or House of Fraser Store

Cost £13.00

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