Tea Party Tuesday!

Tea Party Tuesday this week is all about gorgeous tea services. Last week we focused on luscious tea dresses today its all about the tea service!

Tea services have fallen out of favour these days, its very unusual to find them still occupying pride of place in a drawing room. This is such a shame as there are so many very cool and unique sets out there, surely one for every taste.

Here are some of my absolute favourites!

This gorgeous Tea Set is from Grindstone Mountain Mosaics and would look amazing in a shabby chic style home.

I absolutely love the Art Deco period, this is one of my favourite tea sets from the 1930s. It is a rare deco cubist set from French Cab and I just think its such an amazing piece.

These terrific pieces seem to feed into my Pin-Up adoration. The Blaue Blume pieces have a whole aesthetic of the unusual mixed with classic ceramic design. I found these over at Undergrowth Design aren't they fabulous!

I just saw these and thought WOW! Its a little bit macabre but isn't it amazing? I especially love the spine handle! Perfect for Halloween surely? This tea service comes all the way from Wicked Liquid

The last tea service of the post is cheating a little bit as it's made of fondant. Martha Stewart launched a tea themed cake contest and I spotted this in the entries on her website. The detail is utterly amazing, I may have to start practising my fondant work if I am ever to attempt this! 

That's it for this week folks. Have you been inspired to get yourself a tea service? Maybe dust down one up in the attic? I think I may have to start scouring local charity stores to create my own very hip hodge podge of tea cup designs.

Until next week


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