Halloween Hair Horror: Dye, the trouble with choice

Original Red
Hello all, this year we haven't been very into Halloween. Honestly we've just been a bit busy elsewhere and sort of missed the spirit of it all. I know folks for shame! This weekend has seen Molly's birthday celebrations, Halloween Horrorthons, and my hair dye adventures.

You know me and hair dye folks it is a long running war. What colour, what brand, what permanence, tones, highlights, conditioning? Oh my goodness the list goes on and this week has just been absolutely no different, if anything I had my biggest colour quandary yet.

Blonde last year
The week leading up to Halloween I'd been mulling over my hair. My dark red was now starting to grow out a little. I'd been looking at it and thinking, I wish it was brighter. I'm so pale and it is very hard for me to find a shade that works with my (deathly) pallor. I was lured again by the thought of being blonde and fun and all the associations that go with it. I also thought about going darker, maybe something with a little impact. In the end I went and consulted my picture collection. Yes I've been every colour so I have a pretty decent reference point. I wanted to feel different. We all know how that works girls, hair colour can completely change how you feel and I thought 'blonde, now that would be such a change!'.

Now I know fine well that when I was blonde I whinged and whined about how I had to just tan all the time and how I didn't feel like it suited me. Also looking at that picture I still don't think it does but ah a woman with bleach in her hand and a desire to feel 'different' should not be argued with.

New Strawberry blonde+deathly pallor
So I bleached and bleached and bleached. Toned with a light brown, it ended up very coppery red strawberry blonde if you will. Of course when I saw the final result I remembered how I didn't like blonde with my skin, but did I listen? Did I 'eck. I gave it a road test for a day and in the end didn't like it. I was too ruddy pale. Now I know many girls just think 'hey tan then' I don't really want to be tied to the tan bottle though. I just can't see myself ever having the time. So even though I could have predicted it, the blonde had to go. It lasted 24 hours.

Darkish Brown with tan on!
So the quandary was back on, what colour? I've always gravitated to dark brown, my mum and her gorgeous dark brown Italian locks have long been the stuff of envy. Mine has always been dark blonde and a bit odd looking. When I venture down to dark brown, I'm met with the tan issue yet again, but I do love it. I tend to love it, think it suits me, get bored of the tanning and then get bored of the colour as it lightens. And so the cycle begins again.

The high maintenance pink
 And then I thought 'what about pink?' It is true I'm always a big fan of my cyclamen pink locks but my goodness the upkeep is just crazy. I also find because the colour is a stain rather than a dye it comes off on absolutely everything! We've all looked at Jane Gold and just adored her hair and well everything about her. I have a renewed respect though, as Jonathan Ross pointed out during a recent holiday on a very expensive boat with white leather seats the dye from her wet hair ran out all over them, rather ruining them. I relate completely, not with the expensive boat but with the dye running, pink is so hard to keep in, when it stops rubbing off or running basically the dye is out and you have to do it again! So although it looks great for the first week after that you're buying and dying and it is just EXHAUSTING!

The worse part is I still find myself looking at the pink and sighing 'oh but it's so nice' But I know so darned well the upkeep is horrendous.

The final decision of red
After talking myself through all that, what did I eventually settle on? Well I was reminded that red had survived in my hair much longer than any of the other dyes I've used recently, my main qualm was that the shade was too dark and didn't have enough 'POW' for me. Now armed with my blonde strawberry locks I thought right, red it is. It's dark but not dark enough to need tan and it actually works with pale skin. I ran to the shop for more red dye.

So my red is back, and it is rather fierce, the picture darkens it actually. I rather like it, no tanning required, my pallor is actually working quite well. My poor hair is now completely exhausted, and I'm using a lot of spray on conditioners to keep some sort of condition in it. Fingers crossed it won't just fall off out of sheer confusion!

Have you had a constant colour conflict? Do you, like me selectively forget the benefits and downfalls of certain colours when in a mood to change? Tell me all about it below.


Also I appreciate by posting my many hair colours there will be a few of you who tell me one of the others looked nicer, no doubt I'll change in due course...

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