Shake Up Your Make Up Challenge- Day 2 Rock Chic

Today's look is rock chic!

It is characterised by a mixture of olive black, flat black and sparkly black being blended through the lid. To add some lightness to the look a shimmer green is added to the corner of the eye to bring out the darkness of the black and also lighten the look.

Flat black is quite tricky, it has a tendency to look very severe, and dare I say it a little bit emo teenager with no idea how to apply make up.

 This one is all in the blend, it's important not to take the black too high on the lids as it looks a bit ridiculous if you do.

 Top tips. Keep the black on the lid, blend upward but not too high, don't be scared to take a little tissue to it if it gets too high and blend up again.

The base should be as flawless as possible, keep the lips natural. It's all in the eyes.


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