Shake Up Your Make Up Challenge- Day 3 Pin-Up

Today's look is very unsurprising coming from me, it's of course Pin-Up

This look is characterised by black liner along the eyes with a flick at the end and red lips.

To add a little bit of 1950's Marilyn Monroe come to bed eyes to your liner, instead of keeping the liner the same width the whole way round the lid and tight to the lashes the 50's movie star look brought it straight.

As you line the lids, line them finely as usual. Then return to the top point in the middle of the lid and draw a straight line to the edge of the lid and flick.

This creates a heavier looking lid and enhances that 'come to bed' look.

The lips are red, red, red! I use a lip stain as I find lipstick very heavy, use whichever suits. Keep the base very light and flawless, the focus should be the eyes and lips. Be careful with any blusher, or cheek colour. Oh and don't forget no mascara on the bottom lashes but acres of mascara on the top ones. I like to put a little powder on the bottom lashes to really enhance the effect. But it's up to you!

If you still haven't sent me your own experimenting pictures please do. Send me them on

Have fun with those experiments!

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