Shake Up Your Make Up Challenge- Recap!

Ahhhh, finally! I get to put all of the looks together. Here's a little recap of all of them. I have been aware of many things this week, firstly that I wear a helluva lot less make up than I've been putting on for these posts.

 I've found that even though I've been shaking up my make up, I've been sticking to colour palates that suit my eye colour. I know I know! But some habits will always stick folks.
 It has also reinforced to me how I adore my blender brush. I've also realised how much I don't wear eyeliner.

 The only time I've worn it is for the pin up post. I'm more of a fan of eye shadow run under the lower lash line than a liquid liner on top. Why? Oh I don't know, I have an aversion to the difficulty from taking it off, I also think it can be quite severe and make your eye look smaller, where as a nicely blended shadow can make your eye look larger. 

That's what I've found anyway. I hope you've enjoyed the posts, hope you enjoy this recap and let me tell you this getting glitter off is really tricky.

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