The very lazy girl's guide to looking great !

As a beauty blogger what I am about to say is probably going to get me kicked out of the Moisturising Circle. Most of the beauty things we own we don't actually need. I know shock, horror and much tutting later it is true.
What actually makes our regimes and pampering processes so time consuming and arduous is the fact we have too much ruddy stuff! I don't often spend acres of time on my make up, skin and clothing, I would love to be able to but that's life isn't it?

So I've comprised a list of my tried and tested tips for fellow lazy girls who want the best effect for not too much effort. Here we go.

1. You don't need to use 10 creams.

 Honestly even dermatologists say all you need is a moisturiser with SPF. I watched a programme recently all about anti ageing creams and the dermatologist when asked had said that nothing, yup NOTHING you can buy on the shelves is going to have a really noticeable effect. She had said that for proper resurfacing you need a vitamin E cream which irritates the skin like a peel and will only be prescribed by a doctor. The plastic surgeon pointed out that in eye-bag removal surgery much of what he removes under the skin along with the fat is actually 'excess cream solids' from over use of eye cream on very thin skin. Crikey right? So essentially LESS IS MORE! Get thee a good moisturiser with SPF, most wrinkles and lines are caused by sun damage anyway. Even better get one with brightening properties, maybe a hint of concealer in it.

Scour the shelves get what you want and don't be afraid to mix 2 things together. In a hurry I mix my Benefit That Gal, it brightens, it has colour and it's a primer, with a little touch of SPF and a touch of foundation. It gives a great cover, protects my skin, looks really natural and dewy and I don't have that super heavy powdery foundation look. It doesn't have to be expensive. So even though with heaps of time you may end up wearing more, lack of time can be your skin's friend.

2. Invest in some semi permanent lashes.

I've used these for years and they are bar none my absolute favourite tip. If like me you've got short lashes which are straight, or even if you spend a lot of time trying to find the perfect lengthening, curling, volumising mascara this may be for you. I've worn them for years. I apply them myself and I like to think have perfected the skill now. You can get clusters of individual lashes, single lashes and semi permanent glue from Boots or local chemists. With care and good adhesion they can last 3 weeks, lovely fluttery lashes. Now the lazy girl's part.

Having lovely done lashes that require zero effort means you don't have to put heaps of effort into your eyes in the day. Those who know me know that I bang on about being kind to your eyes. I don't believe in pulling at the skin too much with brushes, pads, and wipes. Eye skin is so thin and delicate you have to be kind to it, being lazy with semi permanent lashes means that all you need is a lick of mascara and a little shadow and your eyes are already showstoppers. You're not spending time applying more shadow and liner to give your eye that wow look.
So there you go, spend some time, either get a pro to do them for you, or do it yourself and you can get a gorgeous lash set for 3 weeks. Super lazy zero make up effort if you're in a hurry.

3.Dry shampoo and blow dry your brains out

We'd all love to have freshly washed, blow dried hair every day. Some of you super organised lovelies do I'm sure. But for me, I have naturally dry hair so the washing every day would just turn it to straw, but it does mean that it loses its lovely bounce and lustre. So for those of you like me who wake up with their hair sitting straight up wondering what can be done, its easy.

 Take a can of dry shampoo and your hair drier, nice big paddle brush and blow dry your hair through with the dry shampoo. 1 minute max, it'll freshen it up and give you a blow dry. Remember blow drying doesn't necessarily mean it has to be wet. A blow dry is the quickest way to add shape and style quickly without getting that 'flat' straightened look. If you have a little extra time go and buy Aussie's leave in conditioner spray it in, blow dry and then a little dry shampoo, dry shampoo adds a lovely bit of volume as well which can be fantastic. It's the closest thing to a full wash and blow dry in 5 minutes you'll get.

4. Moisturiser with a hint of self tan is your friend.

I compare my deathly pallor to death himself having been lightly defrosted. Now whilst lovely Lilly Cole and (her most regal goddess) Helena Bonam Carter may make that pallor work, I tend to look a bit ill, and people actually ask me if I'm well enough. Pale and me just doesn't look right. I was told by my Clairn's skincare teacher years ago it is because my pallor has an olive undertone rather than the pink undertone. So that's me told. My mother has beautiful Mediterranean skin, from the Italian side of the family, I have this odd pale olive hybrid which seems at odds with my dark hair and eyes.

So what I do when I get off my lazy rear is pop on a little bit of moisturiser with a bit of self tan in it. I use Dove Energy Glow and it gives me a really nice healthy look. It most certainly isn't anywhere near tango fake tan, more of a light biscuit colour. Plus it moisturises (always excellent) now for the lazy girl bit! When you have it on and your skin is all glowy and healthy looking I often don't need to use any foundation at all. It gives you that nice rested look without people knowing you've put anything on. Its a dead easy / lazy way to perk up your skin. And the best part. It should last for about 3 days or you can keep building it up to a deeper colour. Up to you!

5. Multi purpose products.

I'm a big fan of multi purposing with products, my favourite do it all product is Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Cream, its a moisturiser, primer, a lip salve, an eyelash serum to encourage growth, it works on burns, it works on chapped heels and dry elbows. You can use it on anything and I swear it lasts forever. My other favourite multi tasker is my Benefit Benetint, it is a blush for cheeks to create a lovely pink, I also love using it on my lips instead of lipstick as I always find a lip tint so much younger looking than a heavier lipstick. You all know me well enough to know that lighter is always better with regard to amount and density of product.

I think my first point bleeds into this, you don't need to have heaps of things in your make up bag And never spend too much! Some well selected multi purpose products keep your routine light and short. You're beautiful don't hide it under heaps and heaps of products.

Part 2 next week!

Have you anything you'd like made easier? Why not ask me and see if I can help in part 2, I've already had questions about 'does haemorrhoid cream really work under eyes' and my favourite 'does Vagisil actually work as a primer?' so more on that next time.

Get those questions in.

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