Boxing Clever: Or what to do with Beauty Boxes when the products are removed

You guys know the feeling, you get your lovely box full of goodies and they move into your bathroom, into your make up bag or you donate them to Give and Make up (click here) and you're left with the box. It's a very pretty beauty box, compact and glossy, you can't quite bring yourself to throw it out, but what do you do?

Well I had this situation and being me I hate throwing things out. So I mulled it over and scratched my chin to try and decide what I could do with it.

I think I finally came up with a plan, I'd been pondering my craft box, and trying to work out what the best tactic could be and I spotted my Alice in Wonderland stained book pages left over from another project when I had made my Alice in Wonderland tables. This is what I came up with...

I've covered the Beauty Box with the Alice in Wonderland pages from when I made my tables. This made me realise that my bedside tables are always a mess with things. My bedside table is filled with hand cream, lip balm, pain killers, vitamins, medication and it gets downright messy! I realised this could be the perfect little receptacle for all of that. And as you can see everything fits into it and my beside table is now lots tidier. It also matches rather pleasingly !

Lets talk about how you can do this at home. All of it took me about 30 mins, I promise!

What you need:
PVA Glue
Any paper you like
Decorations that you like
Super Glue

How to do it

  1. Brush pva glue onto the top and sides, leave for 1 minute. start assembling your pages over the box. When you over lap add some more glue so it sticks. Cover the box. 
  2. Let it dry
  3. You may need to tinker about with rubbing out any wrinkles with your finger but that's no big deal
  4. When it's dry cut 2 lengths of ribbon, fold them in half to create a bow and glue.
  5. Once your bow is created add your decoration to the top.
You're done!

I think with future boxes I might do the same, and create a large storage unit filled with all my goodies all labelled and ready to go. What do you think? Will you try it out?

Enjoy folks!


MissGreenEyes said...

This is gorgeous! I have to get some PVA glue, I have so many boxes that I want to decorate now! Fab idea :)

Lauren said...

This is SO pretty!

Miss April said...

That is an awesome idea. You're creativity is just amazing. Your ideas are just fresh and I will shamelessly steal all of them, LOL

Jo said...

That's amazing!!! I almost want to subscribe just to give this a go!! xx

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