Bye Bye Dorothy. FootCandy Day Two!

Hello my lovelies,

It is day two of my Footcandy posts. Essentially where I take rather plain (slightly dull) shoes and try and transform them as best I can. Today is the turn of a pair of very comfortable little wedges I picked up for £4. Yes folks £4. My goal is to make them as fabulous as possible, they're utility, comfortable, but why shouldn't you wear complete glamour every day? So I created THESE!

I know I should probably drag this out but honestly when I get them finished I'm so keen to show you all I have to post immediately, I'm like a giant kid!

Here we go!

Here are the original shoes, they're a little ugly aren't they?

Now add to this some glitter and a healthy dose of the macabre and you get....

I'm really pleased with them, I hope you like them too. I'm dying to wear them tomorrow. Do you have any suggestions for what I should call them?

Much love

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