Bye Bye Dorothy. FootCandy Day Two!

Hello my lovelies,

It is day two of my Footcandy posts. Essentially where I take rather plain (slightly dull) shoes and try and transform them as best I can. Today is the turn of a pair of very comfortable little wedges I picked up for £4. Yes folks £4. My goal is to make them as fabulous as possible, they're utility, comfortable, but why shouldn't you wear complete glamour every day? So I created THESE!

I know I should probably drag this out but honestly when I get them finished I'm so keen to show you all I have to post immediately, I'm like a giant kid!

Here we go!

Here are the original shoes, they're a little ugly aren't they?

Now add to this some glitter and a healthy dose of the macabre and you get....

I'm really pleased with them, I hope you like them too. I'm dying to wear them tomorrow. Do you have any suggestions for what I should call them?

Much love


.x.Sarah.x. said...

These look amazing!

They'd be perfect for a night out or a Christmas party :) xx

Maeve said...

class! how in the heck did you get the glitter looking so professional? good work.

Miss K said...

Aw thank you! I love my fringe too hehe :) And btw you should see my ex-roomie and transform her ugly ass shoes into awesomeness like you did in this post! Love it!!

Lauren said...

Holy moley these are fantastic! I wish I had the skillz to do stuff like this! What about calling them 'Drop Dead Dorothy'? Lol the colour reminds me of the Wizard of Oz!

Strawberry Blonde said...

That is amazing! Love them!
Nic x

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