I've got that magnetism: Faffing about and playing with magnets, 17 Magnetized Review

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Buy it if:You are a fan of nail polish, you love magnets and nail effects.
Don't buy it if: You are looking for a long lasting non chip polish or you have a shaky hand. It flakes very easily.
Price: £5.99

When did nail varnish get so fun? I remember being a teenager (it wasn't that long ago don't smirk) and we had glitter polishes and scrape on nail tattoos. The latest trend was to pierce your pinky fingernail, French manicures were massive and we'd all discovered acrylic tips. Now there are shatter polishes, wrap on foils, proper nail tattoos, stencils, glitter shatter polishes (I know!) and my new favourite magnetic polish. You may remember all the way back in September I did a post about Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish which is here. Now when I had it done for me in the salon I was very happy, I did think to myself though 'I want to play with the magnet'. In the salon much as I'd love to say it was a viable option, it was a bit pricey and even though Nails Inc have that very long lasting topcoat (which they don't sell -annoying) it isn't viable all the time.

So in the same way that all the high street make up brands followed suit with OPI's shatter polish by bringing out their own, with magnetic polish it is no different. I had heard one of the first out would be Boot's 17 brand so I thought I had to try it. I went in and picked up a bottle and skipped off into the distance to go play with my magnets.

The packaging is relatively sturdy, it isn't as weighty as the Nails Inc. version but it is only £5.99. They come in four colours, teal, gunmetal, blue and lilac. I bought this shade in lilac. The instructions stipulate that you must place the magnet over the nail when it is wet, so the iron filings in the polish can be pulled into the design by the magnet. So because of this it is imperative that the polish be easy to apply as you don't get much time to faff about before the polish starts to set and you don't get the same effect. The coverage is really good thankfully and the brush glides on smoothly. You do have to be aware though this isn't a polish which you can take your time being very precise and type A about. Get it on, preferably a little heavier than you'd normally apply so you can give the magnet the most amount of liquid to shape.

Now the magnet itself is in the lid, there is a little ridge like the Nails Inc. ones for you to rest on your finger. I am not ashamed to admit it took me a couple of minutes to work out quite how best to hold it. Essentially you must put the raised ridge on the skin at the base of your nail so the magnet is hovering over the wet polish. Once on I would recommend you hold it in the middle for approximately 5 seconds then gently rock the magnet over to the sides being careful not to touch the nail. I've tried it a few different ways and when you leave it in the middle it only seems to act on the middle of the nail, moving it out to the sides seems to extend the effect. Just be gentle and try not to bump the lid on your wet nails (which I did frequently).

The Verdict 
I think this will become a favourite with the nail art lovers, It may not shake the world for those of us who like our polishes impenetrable and smooth but it certainly is fun and I think it will elicit the 'oooooo' response when the magnet is moved. For that alone I think you should give it a crack, here's the problem, it cracks so easily, the polish had chipped hours after I had put it on. I've had to redo it nearly every day because the chipping is so bad. No fun there!

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