Lovely Beauty Friday

Today has been a very beauty based day!

First of all I had a great meet up with fellow Northern Irish Fashion and Beauty Bloggers at Sugahfix offices. Lots of make up talk, cupcakes, adorable NYC goodies, tea and chatter which was great fun.

I arrived back to find the postman had been with plenty of goodies.

Firstly my new business cards for this lovely blog arrived! I was absolutely DYING of excitement. I'd designed them last week and had no idea how they would look, I cannot tell you how chuffed I was folks. They are just so pretty, I want to give them to everyone, but I think they might find me slightly odd running at them with ladies in a state of undress on my cards.

As well as lovely cards which will be touted at everyone my Feel Unique Beauty Box arrived *cue choirs of angels*. I'm impressed with it so far, products from Emma Hardie, Schwarzkopf, Xen Tan, Goldwell Dual Senses, Bella Pierre and Prada. I am going to be having so much fun trying them all out, I'm nearly having beauty fatigue at the amount of things I have to try.

I have already spritzed myself liberally with Prada Candy, and thrown Osis at my hair. So far, so good!

I also got a chance to try out my faux fur collar from Topshop on my little black cardie, I must admit it is very glam. It also let me show off my new very bright red hair. You have to excuse my odd puckery face as I'm trying not to laugh as people walked past giving me odd looks.

And finally I have been playing about further with my shatter polish, hello OPI how I love you. Today's was a little bit volcano, lots of red and black. My nails are also super short but forgive me, I was having a frantic house cleaning session the other night and the bleach totally ruined them.

For those of you on twitter, feel free to follow the blog on @inanitysgirl where I'll be chatting about the blog, beauty and dealing with any Q and A's you may have.

That's all from me for this fun Friday.

Much love and happy preening!


Strawberry Blonde said...

Gutted I missed the meet up on Friday - next time for sure! Your wee cards look so cute, love them!

Nic x

Dawniepants said...

Aww thank you, hopefully see you at the next one!


Donald Smith said...

All I have to say is that I am impressed with these amazing work! My next business card sizes will be just as creative as these!

Laderma said...

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