A New Dawniepants, A New Day (and Header!)

As I'm sure many of you eagle-eyed readers have already noticed there is a new header on the blog, it was made for me by my friend and excellent illustrator Owain Davies. I didn't give Owain much to work with just let him look round the blog and get a feel for it, and then left him to it. We've worked on an illustration project together before so I knew he'd come up with something great.

I asked Owain if he'd do an interview with me and talk about his work so you all could check him out in your own time.

Hello Owain! First and foremost thank you for the header it is utterly immense! To let my readers know a little more about you let's do a little Mastermind question time! 

1. How long have you been drawing for?

Pretty much for as long as I can remember. I distinctly remember making a comic book out of a school exercise book when I was about 6 or 7. My dad helped me with the words and I drew the pictures. It was called The Knife Nose Gang. It was pretty bizarre. There was a guy with a knife-like nose called Knife Nose, one called Big Hand and also Chindarr who had a massive chin.
If you just count time since I was sticking my stuff on the internet then it's since about 2005-06-towards the end of university. Since then I've written and drawn about 5 or 6 different webcomics series'. I have lost count.

 2.You've had to draw cupcakes and pugs for me, what is the oddest thing you've ever had to draw?

I've very rarely had to draw anything. I'm pretty much a free agent. But the weirdest thing I ever felt compelled to draw was The Gibbon Triangle. It was this freaky gibbon I had a nightmare about once which had incredibly enlongated pinky fingers that I think were possibly venomous.
I also started drawing a Super Hero comic about a man with superhuman, invincible, intestines that he could unspool and use as a lasso. It didn't last long.
I think HR Kraknstuff deserves a mention too. It was an amalgam of American kids show HR Pufnstuff and everyone's favourite seaborn monstrosity- The Kraken.

3. Ive known you for years, how would you say your style has changed as the years have passed?

In terms of art style I've gotten a lot sharper and less sketchy. Switching from ink and paper plus scanner to tablet and photoshop changed what I was able to accomplish in a given time. Colouring was just out of the question to begin with and when I first switched I still resisted moving from black and white but once I actually worked out a good method of colouring quickly it was a logical progression. When it comes to writing I'd say I was a bit heavily influenced by Gary Larson's Farside seeing as that was what we all read in the 90s. In those days there seemed to just be newspaper comics of which a few would be popular enough to become books. That was all we had. With the proliferation of webcomics in the last decade it was really opened me up to a much greater series of influences. My favourites are Penny Arcade, XKCD, Hark a Vagrant, Dresdan Codak and White Ninja but there are so many good ones out there with a huge variety of styles.

 4. What would be your dream project to work on for someone?

My dream project would be to first invent a machine that generates infinite time so I can get all the things inside my brain onto paper.
But in the realms of reality I guess I'd like to write for some big comic like X-men. Which is odd because I'm meant to be an artist, rather than a writer. But I can do both. I could have fun with a team book like X-men as a lot of the characters are almost blanks slates beyond their super powers. There's a lot of room for odd quirks.
On a more down to earth scale I'd just like to keep doing what I'm doing making (kinda) funny comics and maybe one day actually getting paid for it.

Jaffa Octopus
5. What have you got happening at the moment?

I am currently working on two differant webcomics. The first, called Sparks, is based around a incredibly geeky collectable card game called Magic: The Gathering. It's about as niche as you can get as humour goes.
The second is a new one that I started a couple of weeks ago and it's called Crabgirl & I. It's about some kid and his imaginary friend who is like part crab or something. I'm not sure what I'm doing with it yet I just want it to be funny and relatable while still being weird. Making Sparks is fun and all but it gets a bit disheartening when I show it to someone who has no interest in the game it's based on and they don't really get it. This new comic gives me something that's easier to show off without too much explanation.

 6. Obviously people have seen my amazing header, but how can people get in touch with you if they'd like to see more of your work or they'd like to commission you to do something for them? 

I can be contacted through my Deviant Art page at http://sparksthecomic.deviantart.com/ or via my blog at http://www.cardboardarmour.blogspot.com/
Also if you put a written message in a waterproof tube, seal it with Mini Babybel wax then put it in the hollow of a willow tree, it will reach me

Until next time folks 

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