Tea Party Tuesday!

Hello folks welcome to another Tea Party Tuesday.

This week is a sad one as one of my favourite tea pots has bitten the dust. Midway through my epic clean it teetered on the edge of the counter and in one fell swoop it was in pieces on the kitchen floor (cue sad face). It was a cupcake shaped one I'd brought back from London, not expensive or flashy but still sweet.

So my task for today is to try and source another one that I like. It is going to have to be cupcake themed (of course). So I've assembled a collection of alternatives for you my lovely readers to help me pick from.

Let me know which one you like, and it'll be pride of place at the next tea party. Heck maybe you'll see one you like too. You know me, I'm always happy to encourage the purchase of teapots.


Knight'sEclectic said...

Wow I love them all, as a teapot collector I feel the pain of your loss :)

Dawniepants said...

awwww thank you, I appreciate it


smilernpb said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear that, I hope that you can find a replacement ASAP. And next time, maybe push it a little further back off the edge of the worktop. :o( xx

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