But you want to be fashionable and eat sweets? What? Footcandy.

Hello my lovelies,

I've been in a very crafty mood recently, I love it, it's so relaxing and heck crafting along with the gorgeous screen lovely Kirsty Allsopp certainly makes a girl feel delightfully retro and fabulous. For quite some time now I have had the mentality that if what you want doesn't exist, heck just make it. I've done this in the past with my Pin-Up Canvases which I absolutely love but couldn't find the covers I was looking for anywhere. So I got down to it and just made them. I'm a little bit chuffed I gotta say. Granted I'm sure everyone that enters our house thinks we're slightly obsessed with half naked women, but what can I say? I love the pin-up aesthetic.

I've also had a hard time trying to find Alice in Wonderland canvases and the kind of tables I wanted. I kept finding everything that looked really cartoony. Now don't get me wrong folks I love Disney's wonderland as much as the next giant purple smiling cat but I knew what I wanted. So I found a damaged copy, stained up the pages and went NUTS to create Alice tables and canvases which currently adorn the bedroom. I've recently made more Alice canvases for my shop but more about that later!

So back to the point I've been making SHOES! Oh lordy how I have loved it. I've picked up lots of little pumps and heels which I wanted to make considerably more awesome. So far I'm 3 pairs of shoes in, the most epic pair are not yet finished, but and it's a big BUT, when they are finished oh will I show you all. You'll all be sick to death of the sight of them. What I wanted to show you all tonight were my warm up shoes. Simple little pumps.

From that to CANDY TOWN

So the first of the footcandy posts.I am wearing these out tomorrow with my bright pink tights! No doubt I will be scoffing sweets too, they are making me far too hungry.

Much Love and Kisses and I'll see you all soon with more shoes!

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