Widgets, Gadgets, Barcodes and Buttons; How to decipher the sidebar and have some fun

Hello All,

Recently I saw a post from fellow Belfast blogger and beauty ace Sara at Belfast Beauty Love, you can check her out here. The post was really informative and listed the ways people can follow her blog. As I'm so used to the Blogger sidebars I take it for granted that people know what each are for, maybe most do but I thought a little post might actually let you have a bit of fun with the new features I've added.

The 'Follow' button.

Have a look at the very top of the page, beside 'Share' there's the 'Follow' button. Click it and you'll be taken to a sign in for you to follow the blog. That's it, done and dusted.

Scan Me

This one is my personal favourite. On the right at the top of the side bar you'll see a picture code. Now if you have a smartphone take it from your pocket now. What you will need is a QR app, it is just a quick reader which uses your scanner to open up a picture like this and display information, band posters, websites and media are using them as fun additions. If you don't have a QR reader you can get them for free from the app stores.

For iPhone and iPad you can get them here
For Android users you can get it here
For Blackberry you can get it here

Now open your QR scanner and as if you're taking a photo hold it above the black and white picture in my side bar and it should lock on and display you with some content! Huzzah! It will allow you to have a look at the newsletter and sign up if you wish. It's a rather fun way to get content! Give it a try!

Stumble Upon

Below my profile there is a little blue and green button which says submit. If you click it you can submit the blog to the Stumble Upon site. This means that others with interests which the blog covers can have it as part of their random selection in Stumble Upon. Handy right?


Bloglovin is just another way to follow blogs. It allows you to get a feed to your phone or computer where you can catch up on the blogs you follow. It is a reader essentially and a handy way I've found to keep up with the blogs I enjoy when I'm on my phone. You can click through and it will let you follow the blog. Also look the lady has her nip out, isn't that desperately arty.

Google Friend Connect

If you scroll down, below the Dillypickle Cupcake button is the button for Google Friend Connect. Below it are lots of beautiful smiling avatars of current blog followers. When you click the button it will take you through to the follow screen like the 'Follow' button at the top of the blog.

And that's it. I know it's a lot but I like to mix it up a little. Please try the QR scanner it is so much fun and it's free.

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