12 Days of Christmas Must Haves- Day 11 Glitter, Urban Decay and Collection 2000

I love glitter. In fact I love any excuse to throw glitter at my face. This weekend has seen glitter brought to the fore doubly. First of all it is Christmas so it's a given, and secondly it was the Strictly Come Dancing final glitter balls at the ready folks. So this weekend I went a little glitter crazy. There was glitter on the pink champagne, there was glitter on my eyes and lips, an there was even glitter on the crisps! Really.

Glitter in the fizz

Sparkly sugar champagne rim

Sparkly Crisps

I know I went a bit nuts. But this post is not about my glittery snacks, although they are epic are they not?  This is about lovely eye glitter. I have two different ones for you today because glitter can be a tricksy beast to fully apply and not get all over yourself. I love all sorts of glitter so the two picks are from Urban Decay and also from Collection 2000, one for every budget.
I used the two of them together to create my eye look, I rather like the two together, the gold is in the centre of the lid with the rainbow glitter in the corner.


Base-S&G Show Good Face in Fairest of them all
Cheeks- S&G Cheekmate
Lips-S&G Cheekmate
Eye- Urban Decay Gold Glitter Test Tube
Collection 2000 Glam Glitter Wand in VIP
Eyeliner- S&G Catliner
Mascara- Bourjois Coup de Theatre

For once those are my real lashes folks, they're long but refuse to curl, oh don't start me!

Gold in the middle of the lid, rainbow silver over the lid

Urban Decay glitter test tube. I've had mine for years, I have a suspicion it may never finish. When I use this because it is loose glitter powder as we all know it needs an adhesive to keep it on the eye. There's a couple of ways to do it, for these eyes I used the liquid half of the Collection 2000 wand which worked a treat. I have been known before to dab a tiny bit of primer onto my lid to hold it. But even failing that, lick your finger rub wherever you want the glitter, then using your finger as a stopper tip the glitter upside down so it adheres to your finger, then dab gently where you have previously licked. And you're done. It was the lovely lady at the Urban Decay counter who told me that years ago and it works an absolute treat. 

It means you don't have glitter falling all over the place, and lets face it that's not good. Less is more with glitter, never pour it on your lids. That finger lick tip is a great one!

The loose glitter side of the Collection 2000 Glam Glitter Wand in VIP

The Glam Glitter is two sided, the silver liquid side you brush over the lid, you then dab the glitter onto it which holds the glitter in place. Any excess can be lift off with a damp sponge or some cellotape doubled over on your fingers. There is no need to have glitter all over you!

I love this picture, it shows just how sparkly it is!

So that is all from me today, the final post is tomorrow whatever will it be!!

Until then

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