12 Days of Christmas Must Haves- Day 12 Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara! Party Lashes!

So we made it! Here we are at the end of the 12 Days of Christmas Must Haves posts and Christmas is only a few days away. Today's post is very in keeping with the party season. For a start we all wear lots more make up and we are all crazy for big party lashes. I've seen some beautiful examples of huge falsies with all sorts of glitter and bling on them and they are wild. But what about creating that false look with normal lashes or just individual extensions.

This is what the lovely folks at Soap and Glory tell me my lashes will look like according to the side of the box. Ace right?

I wear individual extensions around this time of the year. They're very fine, just individual hairs that get glued onto your lashes to create extra length. One of the issues with this is that lashes look long but they also look spidery thin!Nothing looks odder than really long lashes that have zero volume. So when I wear my extensions I sometimes don't wear mascara at all, but when I want a really big WOW effect I don't want people to think I've glued spiders to my lids! Not hot!

So today here we have Thick and Fast from Soap and Glory which is promising to give me a superfill false lash effect, shine and no flakes. I had to try it!

So there is the giant brush, it's ruddy HUGE. I know they say size isn't everything but if volume is dependant on the size of the brush I anticipate good things!

Here are my very thin lash extensions. As you can see they're long but they have no volume at all. And as I mentioned before it is really hard to make mascara give them volume without turning them clumpy. Volume mascara on my extensions seem to either make them nasty and thick looking or spindly. When you have your lashes done you want them to look as fabulous as possible. So lets see what the effect of the Thick and Fast from Soap and Glory is.

Not half bad right? It really bulks up the base of the lashes without totally clumping up the ends. I have to say I'm pretty darned impressed. I think this is going to be a must if you want really good volume in your lashes. 

Here's me wearing the mascara on my face, it is giving me some epic lash action. Best part is my extensions last about 3 weeks so I get that huge fake lash look for three weeks without strip lashes. Yay!

Give it a go folks!

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