12 Days of Christmas Must Haves- Day 5 Little Green Tin

This is a very simple little product to make the list but I've added it because it is ALWAYS in my bag. I have about 5 of these and I will not be without them.

It is petroleum jelly, like Vaseline, it also has aloe vera and a gorgeous apple scent. I use it on everything, on my lips when they're chaffed or I have a cut on them, I use it on my cheeks for a little bit of a dewy protection. I use it on my eyebrows when they're looking unruly but mainly on my lips. 

I'm terrible for biting my lips in my sleep, resulting in sore little bumps. So I break out the tin and slather my lips, it smells yum and by the time I wake up they're all healed. Easy.

They're very cheap, 99p and their uses are many. I just love the smell, they aren't fancy you just find them in the little buckets near the checkout in Superdrug. I did say that this list isn't always luxury items, it's just the things I love using and what I adore for Christmas. This will be one of the things that kick about your bag, but it is great for the winter, especially for those chapped lips and sore cheeks. 

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