12 Days of Christmas Must Haves- Day 8 Soap and Glory Cheekmate

Today's must have is Soap and Glory's Cheekmate, it's a cheek and lip gel tint. This is relatively new to the market coming in along with the rest of their make up range.

 I've long been a user of Benefit's Benetint which as we all know is a brush on liquid. I was having a hard time getting my Benetint to really show up though, I thought with my deathly pallor it wouldn't be an issue but I wasn't getting the pinkness I wanted. Often there were days where I couldn't see it on my skin at all, it just seemed to vanish. Which makes me sad...

When perusing the Soap and Glory make up counter I noticed Cheekmate and had to purchase it immediately! I've got to say I've been really pleased with it. I wear a combination of dewy foundations or B.B creams so I like cheek tints as they keep that dewy finish that a powder blush diminishes. Now don't get me wrong I enjoy a good powder blush but for day time and especially with the cold weather I love the rosy cheeked look which goes with my furry boots and big scarves.

With the Cheekmate less is most definitely more, you use it so sparingly that I think it may last for years. Any excess can be used on the lips to further create that healthy rosy look!

Very quickly applied to my cheeks and lips

 I know a lot of people complain that cheek tints are hard to blend, I can understand that but I know for me at the moment I love the having a product that does two things nicely. I've always been a bit hesitant when it comes to blush, I've been a bit scared of applying it in case I look like the elderly ladies on the bingo buses rouged up to the hilt. But now I know that being so pale it is a must for me to at least have some rosy cheeks!

A very gel like consistency

The amount I so helpfully squeezed onto my hand is about twice as much as you'll ever need for your cheeks. 

Go and check it out the next time you're at a Soap and Glory stand, have a squeeze of it!

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