12 Days of Christmas Must Haves- Day 9 Mark Ryden's Rosie's Tea Party

When it comes to contemporary artists I adore, Mark Ryden is at the very top of the list. I know my posts thus far have all been items that I own, but today it is very much me in dream land wishing I owned this. If anyone wants to buy me one for Christmas by all means knock yourself out.

What I love about Ryden is the juxtapositions he creates between doll like innocence, violence, grotesque and his own sense of humour.

I love this piece, the butchery, the innocence the sheer pinkness, it appeals to everything in me! It reminds me of the brutalism in Guillermo del Toro's Pans Labyrinth where he creates a very grown up fairy tale, where the faeries are carnivores and happily rip at pieces of meat.

There's another fantastic piece by Mark called Saint Barbie, as far as I'm aware Kelly Osbourne has just been given one of the limited edition prints for Christmas, or maybe it's the original oil on canvas, either way there's a little pop trivia for you.

I love this one as well it's called Fountain and I think it plays nicely with proto renaissance portraiture, but that's just my opinion I don't know if Ryden would see it that way. 

So today is a yearning little piece from me. Feel free to go and browse more of Ryden's work on his website www.markryden.com maybe you'll be all longing sigh about it as well. I guess I better start saving. If anyone knows where I can get a print for under £100 well do let me know.


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