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Inanity's 3 Wise Women- The First Half

Hello all,

Welcome to the first half of my 3 Wise Women posts. I recently asked my readers to send me their wisdom, it could be on anything from beauty to life, the universe and everything. You didn't let me down girls and I got lots of brilliant submissions. Being wise is all about looking beyond what you know and learning from others, especially at this time of year it's a season for giving. I can't think of anything nicer than fabulous readers giving their own pieces of advice to you all. So for the next couple of days Inanity and the Girl is giving out Christmas wisdom on all sorts of topics.

When Bex from Once Bitten Twice Shy said she'd like to give some tips, I knew what I wanted her to write about instantly! She's a professional make-up artist so I asked her that million dollar question, how to get the most perfect base possible, by ourselves and without our very own make up artist standing by!

Flawless Foundation tips and tricks 

One thing we ALL wants, is flawless skin, so here are a few tips and tricks to get that flawless base and still keep your purse happy!

  1. I can't stress enough how important it is to moisturise. Oily or dry skin, get the moisturiser on there about 5-10 mins before you apply your make up. Dab any excess off with a tissue before you apply your foundation. It's optional, but if you want your make up to last a long time, I would consider it. This helps seal your skin and acts as an adhesive for your foundation
  2. Use foundation sparingly, it is merely there to even out skin tone. It is (as it says on the tin), a FOUNDATION.
  3. Conceal any blemishes or redness. Don't go mad with the concealer girls, conceal ONLY what needs concealed.  If you find you have any darkness under the eyes you can blend some concealer lightly on any dark areas.
  4. Use a compact or loose powder and sweep a small amount over your face, focusing on any area's that you tend to get oily.

You now should have a gorgeous blank canvas to build on!

A few tips to keep your make up on when you're wearing it for a long time:

  1. Use long lasting products, a tinted moisturiser isn't going to last on your skin like a matte finish foundation will, you can add glow back in with powder highlighter.
  2. Avoid really creamy products, especially if you are going to be very warm or sweaty, these will just melt right off.
  3. DO NOT rub your face. Pat any excess sweat or oil off your face with a tissue, toilet roll, or blotting sheet. This will remove the excess but leave your base undisturbed.
  4. Don't keep adding powder, this will only end up grabbing in oily or sweaty areas and make you look blotchy and powdery. Instead use tip number 3, and then if you feel you need powder use a small amount.
  5. You can get setting sprays these help seal the make up to keep it in place all night. I personally use Evian Water in a can. For love of goodness, DO NOT use hairspray (Someone recently told me that was their favourite way to set their base. I wept)

I think that's the basic to keeping your skin flawless and for a long time, it doesn't need to be complicated.

Some products I love that you can pick up in Boots, Superdrug or online are:
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer, Rimmel 16 Hour wearing Foundation, ELF complexion perfection powder, ELF primer, NYX eye primer, Evian water in a can (great for setting your make up!) L'Oreal Studio range primers, Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation.

Big thank-you to Bex for that. Now none of us have any excuses to be anything but fabulous in the base department. Now think about it, you have your perfect base, you need somewhere to go. If you're anything like me you're always in a rush so gorgeous Lisa from Knights Eclectic has the solution. How to get ready for that night out in an absolute flash!

From out of the shower to out the door in 15mins FLAT

Its getting near to Christmas and you know what that means ladies, Christmas parties.
If you're lucky enough to be invited to quite a few events after work then this tip may help you, I'm going to tell you how to get ready in less than 15 mins!


  1. Before you do anything else you need to grab your outfit. You should sort this out the night before but if not we should all have one fail safe, feel great look. Maybe its a dress that you know you can chuck on and feel great in or a pair of jeans and dressy top but whatever it is grab it now. Lay it out on the bed and grab shoes and accessories.
  2. Grab a scrunchie and put your hair into a ponytail that makes you resemble a pineapple, it'll help give your hair volume later
  3. Now shower, quickly
  4. Brush your teeth at this point, or else toothpaste might end up on your outfit DISASTER.
  5. Remove make up with a make up wipe.
  6. Splash with cold water to tighten pores.
  7. Moisturise.
  8. Put on your outfit while your skin settles.
  9. Foundation, concealer and touche eclat if you have it.
  10. Add lots of mascara and a slick of gloss.
  11. Let your hair down and tousle, spray with hairspray.

You're good to go

My final Wise Woman for today is Chantelle from The Life and Times of Chantelle who came to me with an idea already formed. She's been a bit of an agony aunt in her time, comforting lots of friends through heartache and having to deal with some of her own. She's now got her very own heartbreak action pack. So she's going to give us all her tips to get through to the other side of a breakup, so whether it's you (hugs) or your friends heed her words, they may come in very useful!

Dealing with heartache

Hello there, my name is Chantelle  and delighted to be appearing on Dawn’s blog. It’s all about sharing some wisdom and I'm talking about surviving breakups! We've all been there, that awful break up that just leaves us feeling like our world is over. 
  1. Let it all out. Scream, shout, punch that pillow, and cry your eyes out. You need to let out all that pent up emotion as much as you can. Then dry your eyes, compose yourself and get on with something else. The tears can come from nowhere so always have tissues to hand! 
  2. Once you feel calm hop in the shower or bath or fix your make up. This WILL help you feel better. There really is something to that song about washing that man out of your hair! And your scalp will benefit from a good scrub too!
  3. Look after yourself; eat and move about. I completely lost my appetite going through my breakup, someone suggested little bits of food to keep myself going, I survived on scrambled eggs and yoghurt for about a month. It worked though! While it is very tempting to hide under a duvet with the Gossip Girl box set getting out in the air, even just for a poke around the shops will boost your desolate mood. I did a lot of thinking in the park near where I live. Watching the ducks soothed me and helped me figure it all out! Gotta love the power of ducks!
Well girls that's all for today, I hope you feel inspired and maybe a little more knowledgeable. Don't forget to come back for the second half of the 3 Wise Women posts for more amazing advice on make up, the internet, and rockabilly styling. Good huh? Come back again and have fun putting the advice into action.


Knight'sEclectic said...

Thanks for that Hun, twas a pleasure to write it for you. Have a smashing Christmas x x

Miss K said...

Love the tips on flawless skin!

Sara said...

Hairspray! On your face!! OMG.


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