Inanity's Christmas Wisdom: Call For Guest Posts

It is Christmas time again, I can finally start packing my face with mince pies and decking my halls. I have lots of lovely Christmas posts coming up that I hope you will all find entertaining, 'ooooo' worthy and hopefully a wee bit educational.

Today's post is all about guest posts. I love guest posts, not so I can put my feet up but rather because I think it is lovely to bring people into contact with each other, introduce readers and bloggers to others they might find interesting. It makes the blogger world a little smaller. This year as you all know I'll be doing my '12 Days of Christmas Must Haves' but what I'll also be doing is giving the Wise Men a little hat tip and assembling some Christmas wisdom for each of these posts.

I'm looking for wisdom on anything, whether it be on beauty, fashion, psychology, love, friendship, family, knitting, crafting, food, whatever you want, the more diverse the better. Maybe it is something you always try and pass on to your friends, maybe you're a guy who wants to tell his daughters exactly how to deal with men, maybe you know the best way to make sure you're always looking your best after half an hours sleep? If you feel you have a piece of wisdom that has helped you in life, I want you to get in touch with me. Even if you don't know if it is what I'm looking for, get in touch. I want to get all sorts of great pieces of advice out there, the type of advice you'd get from your good friends, your family, those with a little more experience than you. Give me all your good advice!

Got some wisdom you think I need to add? Get in touch with me. You don't have to be a blogger or a writer, you may just follow me on twitter or occasionally read the odd blog, if you have something you think is a great piece of Christmas wisdom then email me on or contact me on Twitter at @inanitysgirl.

I need you and your wisdom, let's create a bevy of Christmas posts filled with advice and care and downright loveliness!

Get in touch! (yes you!)

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