Sparkly Pugs and Fuzzy Wrinkles: Competition Joy

Yesterday I was delighted to hear from the Belfast Times that I had won the competition sponsored by Menarys for a Fuzzy Nation Stella bag.

As someone who rarely wins anything I was really, really chuffed. Those of you regulars to the blog know by now that I have my very own pug called Molly. Alas she is not sparkly like the lovely mini Stella bag I won and she's a bit more grumbly and wrinkly. It was slightly odd for her to come face to face with a smaller sparklier version of herself. I think you can probably tell by her expression I had to remove it sharpish before she ate it.

Pug vs Pug
It's so sparkly!

So big thanks to Menarys and Belfast Times and see you all next time folks!

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