Bruiser, Batface, Baby bear...

bounce in your moon suit 
of apricot fur with some fluff
in your mouth or a twig or a feather'

I've had a few requests to devote some time to the bundle of badness that is Molly my pug, and honestly I couldn't agree more. I have heaps of pictures and videos of her. This post also comes on the same day that my little sponsor dog Madge at Dogs Trust had to be put down due to ill health. Although she didn't live with us like Molly does we still loved her. If you can why don't you sponsor a dog at Dogs Trust too and brighten up another little pup's day.

Not all dogs are as ridiculously spoilt as moll, but here are a collection of my favourite moments ... Enjoy.

Emperors bored you

You with the prize winning ears,
who grew from a glove
to a moccasin slipper
and have taken to secrecy


Recently, worming in
under the furniture.
To discover you here
is to keep still and listen

The settee begins wheezing

Hogarth loved the fact 
that for your first half-year
you hardly differed from a rabbit.
When you're over-excited

You tend to get hiccups


You squeak when you yawn
and your tongue is unfurled
in a semi-circle, salmon pink
on coastal rock, that trilobite

Embedded in the slate
roof of your mouth 
perfect for the mascot
of the House of Orange

Your weapon of choice is the sneeze

Above the winter garden
a hair-thin moon, reflecting. 
You are open as a haiku
all karumi, hint and sigh.

The Buddha would've liked you.

Watch us from your separate dream
then pad across to clamber through
the plastic flap and plant your paws
four-square again on grass, like this.

Your hackles bristle and you ridge 
your back and bark and bark and bark,
at shadows and the fence,
at everything behind the fence,

the cuttings and the railway foxes.

Laird, N. (2007). Pug. From 'On Purpose'. Faber:London

Hope you are all 'Mollyed' out now! 

Until next time folks

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