Do you Love at First Blush or Glow All Out? Soap and Glory Compacts Compared

You've seen the shining Soap and Glory make up stands, probably in various states of depletion as everyone has gone crazy for Soap and Glory's make up.

If you've had a look at the range you'll see there are two compacts, one is Love At First Blush and the other is Glow All Out.Now it can be a little confusing as both are shimmery and they use a similar colour palette. Well ponder no further folks I'm here to help! Let me tell you how they differ and what they look like and more importantly what they do. Off we go!

What are they?

Glow All Out -Use like a bronzer on cheeks, jaw lines, brows, collarbones, can be used elsewhere liberally for a glowing dewy effect because of the shimmer.
Love At First Blush-Use on apples of cheeks, swirl brush through all the colours and apply to create a gauzy pink cheeked look. The shimmer will hide a multitude of sins and create a natural rosy pinkness.

Love at First Blush  is a 'multi shade shimmer power' which creates a rosy glow. It is a powder which creates a high shimmer on the skin, it has 5 different pearlised shades from bronze to roses and lovely shimmer highlighting whites. The colours can be used individually if you so wish but ideally the brush should be swirled around the shades and brushed onto the cheeks to give a rosy glow.

A wheel of colour from Love at First Blush it comprises bronzes, roses, pinks and translucent highlighters

Swatched colours, they're very subtle but you can see how shimmery they are

This shows the shimmer off the palette, but you can see I use it lots as the whites are getting muddied from the bronze alongside them. 

This palette creates a really rosy glow. The colour isn't going to sate lovers of very intense blush, I think it would please those who like a glowing shimmery cheek. When I wear it it gives a very delicate pink and gives a nice hazy effect which can be very flattering. 

But what about Glow All Out?

Glow All Out is a 'luminising radiance face powder' initially I thought bronzer but it isn't dark enough and it isn't really designed to be a bronzer. 

It is a face powder which is designed to accent like a bronzer. It has a healthy mix of colour and shimmer but is really subtle also. Swept over my pale cheeks it does give a glow. Initially I wondered how similar this would be to Soap and Glory's Solar Powder which I reviewed here. I was a big fan of it but it actually wasn't the same.

This is very much a glow powder rather than a bronzer the way Solar Powder was. When this is brushed on it gives a light bronzed glow rather than a serious tanned look. This is great for pale wonders like me, but I think the more tanned you are the more it will act as a glow rather than a bronzer. 

So cease the head scratching and let me tell you how they compare

Gorgeous light compacts made from lovely biodegradable materials, I think you could quite easily take the mirror out once you're done and feel safe in the knowledge that they won't damage the environment too much.

So side by side what is the difference? 

So in all yes they are quite similar but they are both shimmery delicate palettes one pinking up the cheeks the other lightly adding a bronze glow. These are very subtle little pieces which can be easily added to a make up collection for that dewy airbrushed look.

Much love

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