Follow the Yellow Brick Road: Christmas Gifts and the Ultimate Dorothy Ruby Slippers

Christmas has been and gone and I haven't talked much about my Christmas presents. I got lots of lovely things but I want to share my favourite present with you and also show you what I've been badgering away on! I hope you like them!

Himself knows I am a massive Wizard of Oz fan I've been meticulously making, yes MAKING my ultimate Ruby slippers and here they are. I made them with about 25m of red sequins and gems. They were plain boring little shoes before I got to them.

I've not shown anyone these yet so they're my own creation. What I don't know about Ruby Slippers isn't worth knowing. But seeing as I'm a massive fan himself knew how much I wanted to see Wicked in the West End of London. So he only went and got me tickets! So we have a lovely long weekend in London to look forward to.

My lovely Wicked tickets

The button detail is emerald green gems with a glitter base

Here's the heel! Isn't it epic!

I am so so excited! We're booking hotels at the moment and pondering going to Paris for the day on the Eurostar. I will of course be wearing my shoes as shown above!

Here are the before pictures of the shoes!

 I covered them layer by layer in the sequins until they were completely covered. I then added my own Wizard of Oz decals to the back and added all the emerald gemstones and glitter base to the buttons.

Hope you like them, I'm pretty proud :)

Much love until next time!

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