Have you ever thrown a fistful of glitter in the air?

This weekend has been hectic at Inanity Towers. I took the weekend as an excuse to slow down and relax and try and enjoy myself whilst taking lots of photos of course. The last few days have heavily featured glitter, red glitter especially. Worryingly I only noticed when I looked back at the photos, I think I may have a sparkle problem.

I took the excuse to sit down and deal with my awfully chipped nails. I replaced the previous heavily glittered green with a dark red sparkly duo.

OPI Muppets- Wocka Wocka
Models Own -Scarlet Sparkle

We decided the best course of action for the weekend was a little bit of spoiling. My mum and I donned our finery for an afternoon spent having high tea in The Merchant Hotel in the Cathedral Quarter. I completely adore The Merchant, I love having cocktails in the hotel bar, their menu is huge! If you love a Mojito or a Cosmopolitan, this is the place for you. I took the opportunity to showcase the Dorothy shoes I made as I sauntered into their tea room. Thankfully I didn't have to walk very far so I didn't panic about scuffing them!

The shoes in question (in case you forgot)

I still love these heels

A pot of Earl Grey 

Our tea stand, stacked high with goodies

Macaroons, passion fruit mousse and lemon meringue pie

As you can see it was quite a spread! I don't think we managed to even eat half of it! Luckily the lovely folk in The Merchant give you an adorable little box with all your cakes to take with you. So when I arrived home to Himself his little eyes lit up and he rather quickly polished off the cakes before I even had time to put on the kettle.

It also saw my first ever visit to Creative Cakes as even though I spend a lot of time baking I'd never been there. I merrily stocked up on all of the goodies I needed (as if you can ever have enough edible glitter). So once my desire for glitter had been sated it was off to the kitchen to bake! I had to finalise the cupcake designs for Valentines Day so it was a afternoon of experimenting with frosting.

Here is my favourite cupcake design, I think these are going to be the Dillypickle Cupcakes signature Valentines Day cupcakes. Yes there is also an AWFUL lot of edible glitter on them!

Double chocolate Valentine cupcakes

Dark chocolate buttercream with red glitter and
heart fondant decorations

Of course when eating these with lipgloss or lipstick on you get a rather lovely glitter lip look. There you go folks not only good for the belly but also will keep you on trend, free Violent Lips! They're actually ridiculously tasty, you understand of course I did have to try both recipes just in case. Tasty. 

It's like the cover of True Blood 

 So the kitchen is now completely coming down with cupcakes, they're in every Tupperware box I own. My friends are going to be so sick of me giving them cupcakes when they come over, but they need to be eaten by Tuesday so it'll be free cupcakes to everyone!

It's been a fun weekend, busy, but fun. Granted there was nowhere near as much wine as I'd have liked but maybe next time. There was more red glitter than I think was ever necessary but I am really not complaining about that! Dorothy and probably the entire cast of Strictly Come Dancing would have felt completely at home! 

Pin up make up meets cupcakes and glitter! Win.
I'll see all you boys and girls soon for some more make up reviews and also for another Vintage Thursday where we venture back to the 1930's again. I have so many reviews to share, hoping to get them all out by the end of the week.

Much love

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