Inanity's Guest Post: The ladies who are more nitty-gritty than Sex and the City

Girls now we're about to have a first on the blog...A BOY! I know, I know! JB from Knifed in Venice has agreed to do a post for me. If you aren't familiar it is a film blog specialising in Grindhouse Cinema. On the blog we love vintage heck, it's all about vintage over here, so when the opportunity arose for JB to write a piece about the fierce, fabulous and fantastic femmes in vintage Grindhouse cinema I JUMPED, at the chance. When I asked JB to write the post it came off the back of us talking about how poor the roles for women in Hollywood are at the moment. I'll let him tell you himself, but this is a brilliant post for all you girls about the best kick ass women in cinema!

If you’re reading this blog, over the age of thirteen years of age and a female then in the eyes of Hollywood executives you are considered a niche market.  It’s actually amazing that in a city which is all about beauty and fashion and all things cosmetic (…all things) the primary export doesn’t even consider you to be within their marketing crosshairs.  That’s why if you’re a bloke there’s any number of genres out there which are marketed towards you…even when you’re neck high to a grass hopper and not even old enough to purchase your own ticket.  If you’re a woman and of birthing age then you’re on your own…I mean sure every once and a while they’ll placate you by offering up a romantic comedy starring Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Kate Hudson…honestly it doesn’t even matter who it stars it’s the same movie they’ve just changed the names (like the F.B.I files).

What’s genuinely amazing though is that it doesn’t need to be that way.  There’s a cinematic genre…nay movement that’s been in existence for decades that puts women in the driving seat and imbue all who set their peepers to watch.  The movement is exploitation.  Now I know what you’re saying “wait hold up, that’s all about women getting their jubblies out and men being monsters in a comedic and approving way” there is an element of that but if you’ve even seen or read any interviews with 70’s stars like Marlene Clark or Suzanne Reed would see it a lil different.  Yes there’s more than the usual amount of scenes in which these ladies expose their breasts for the sake of…nobody really knows why, it’s not crucial to the plot but what it does it place the female star in the driving seat while the men take a backseat (different right).  It’s essentially a trade off, there’s a degree of nudity sometimes even punishment overseen by the evil men but what they dish out they get back ten fold.  These movies are all about the strong female lead.  The Big Bird Cage sees women prisoners (including Pam Grier) tortured and broke by their male wardens but when they are broken out by revolutionary leader (Sid Haig) they attack and slaughter everyone involved in their incarceration.  The Switchblade Sisters sees a female knife gang rule the school and streets of California with a cut throat iron fist, these are strong confident women and the narrative is Shakespearian with starlets like Kitty Bruce and Robbie Lee in the typically masculine roles.

I’m sensing you’re starting to come round to this notion right?  Exploitation cinema is a little more than boobies and blades right?  Hell yeah, if you need even proof I offer you a wee challenge.  Can you name a film that has four female black stars in the prominent lead roles in which the narrative isn’t about keeping their man, finding their man, marriage or weddings or unicorns or rainbows?  I can, it’s an exploitation film called The Muthers…can you?

Your money is of equal value and worth to that of your male counterparts, hell you work the same hours in the same jobs and deal with the same problems yet yours (in the eyes of Hollywood) is of lesser value.  This is ridiculous, so the next time you plan a night in with the other half, a bottle of plonk, some Doritos (cool ones please nom!) and a DVD. Don’t allow Hollywood to placate you with their offerings, the 'it's terrible but it’s better than nothing' is not good enough.  Find yourself an exploitation movie that’s full of nitty-gritty strong women who kick ass and take names and if your guy comes back for more then shucks he’s a keeper.

To celebrate the feisty side of the fairer sex I have two Women based movies to stream from my blog [right here] for free.  There’s instructions at the bottom that will help you achieve the best results. 

It’s been a privilege to share the inside of my head one a prettier blog than my own.

John Baxter


Emma C-M said...

love this post and plus hav been introduced to a new blog. good post. interesting. xxx

John Baxter said...

Thanks very much.

E V E L Y N said...

Awwww Molly is adorable! Love Pugs :) xx

Sang Thai said...

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