Light Up: Pin-Up Lamps and Decoupage Wallpapers

If there's one thing that I adore more than anything else it is the entire pin-up aesthetic. Readers of the blog will know how much of what I write about is influenced by it. From my pin-up canvases to my Soap and Glory favourites there's a little bit of retro glamour in it all. More recently Vintage Thursday has brought the 1930s to the blog with fantastic force and I'm delighted to be able to share all my interests with you.

After writing my blogpost on Soap and Glory's Love at First Blush and Glow All Out the lovely folk at Dupenny got in touch with me, they thought I might like their retro wallpaper range. When I saw it it was pretty obvious that it was entirely up my street in every sense! They sent me a little sample pack so I could see the design and I decided I was 100% using it to decoupage with. Any crafters out there know wallpaper is fantastic to decoupage with as it is designed to be wet and adhered to surfaces, the bobbling is less and there is very little bubbling.

I  thought for ages trying to work out what to decoupage. I really loved the designs as they were large and it seemed a shame to cut them. I decided that as I had no flat surfaces that needed covered, tubed was the main option. So I decided to make a lamp.

The finished lamp

Of course the question is how did I get there. Well I am a quintessential hoarder. It is in fact the cause of many hand wringing moments as I try and work out how to fit more storage into the house to deal with all of the things I keep. When I wanted to make a lamp, I knew all the lamps I had were far too small, as the designs were rather sizeable. I knew I would have to make it. So I delved into my hoard stash!

I took an old skinny lamp I'd long stopped using

And a Soap and Glory tube from one of my orders with them

With these two I decided this was how I'd be making my lamp. I popped the tube over the lamp frame and secured it. I then wrapped the larger design around the lamp shade and the smaller design around the tubing. I began to fasten it all together, securing the bulb and liberally using my glue gun. To finish I added a red flower to add a flash of colour to the monochrome and TA-DA it was done.

The designs I think look really gorgeous, there are heaps of others I just took pictures of the front of the lamp. If you want to have a look at the rest of the retro designs, they have cushions, cards and other wallpapers you can go to and check it out. I think if I had my way I'd probably have a whole room decorated in it!.

Hope you enjoyed this little craft post folks.

Much Love
Stay Crafty

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